I've been thinking about this site for a while now because I often see the same Pinterest questions over and over from teacherprenuers. I also see a lot of the same sentiments about Pinterest: confusion, befuddlement, annoyance, and a feeling that Pinterest is a big tangled mess. 

You guys, Pinterest is GREAT! I love Pinterest so much, and I'm not just saying that. I loved it even before I was a serious teacherpreneur. I loved it as a teacher and as a new mom.

But many teacherpreneurs are doing it WRONG. 

I was hesitant to start this site for two reasons: 1. I have made many Pinterest mistakes. There are some U.G.L.Y. pins floating around out there created by yours truly. Seriously hideous pins. There may even be comic sans. I've also pinned ugly product covers, spammed boards, and just wandered around aimlessly…until I figured it out. 2. While I have a respectable following, in my ever so humble opinion, I am nowhere near a top, super gigantic pinner. All of my pins are not perfect, and I don't know all of the answers. 

I finally decided not to let my own personal limiting beliefs hold me back from creating a site to help other teacherpreneurs figure out the wide world of Pinterest. 

Meet Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I am a teacherpreneur and the creator of More Than a Worksheet. I love Pinterest. Feel free to visit me on Pinterest, and follow me, but only if you like what you see and find it useful!